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This story is about a small business making custom lasercut designs for walls. They had problems with their website and came to us for help. First, they wanted a new website look, and later, they liked our work so much that they asked for more help with getting more people to visit their site and promoting their business online.

Project Summary

We started by giving their website a fresh and user-friendly look. The client liked it so much that they decided to work with us for a longer time. We didn’t stop there; we also helped them show up more on search engines and promoted their business on social media

Brand Vision’s Impact

We made sure the new website looked and felt just like what the client wanted. The changes we made to their online presence also helped people recognize and connect with their brand


At the beginning, the client’s website wasn’t getting many visitors, and the design needed an update. They also didn’t know much about promoting their business online

Branding and Colour Palette

We chose colors and a style that matched the client’s business, making everything look consistent. This made it easier for people to remember and recognize the business

Social Media Marketing

  • Educational Consultation: We taught the client about how to do better on social media and made a plan for them and we work on it according to the planWe didn’t just stop at the website; we made a plan for promoting their business online for the long term
  • Long-Term Plan: We didn’t just stop at the website; we made a plan for promoting their business online for the long term.

Customized Design Tool Plugin

We created a special tool just for Lasercut designs that lets users easily design their own stuff. With this tool, people can pick the colors, sizes, and other personalized details they want for their items. It’s not just a cool feature that sets Lasercut apart from others, but it’s also a fun way for customers to show off their creativity and make each purchase their own unique creation

Website Performance

  • 35% Increase in Website Traffic: The dynamic redesign and strategic SEO initiatives led to a substantial 35% increase in website traffic within the first 3 months. The revamped site successfully attracted more visitors, expanding Seasalt’s online audience.
  • 20% Improvement in User Engagement: User engagement witnessed a significant improvement, marked by a 20% increase in the time visitors spent on the site. The enhanced user experience and compelling content contributed to a more engaged online community.


The new website and ongoing support for online promotion made a big difference for the client. They were happy with our work, and our partnership continues to help their business grow in the digital world. This story shows how starting with a better website and expanding into online strategies can make a small business stand out and succeed

SEO Impact

  • 20% Increase in Search Engine Rankings: Implementing robust SEO strategies resulted in a 20% improvement in Seasalt’s search engine rankings. This contributed significantly to their online visibility and discoverability.
  • 15% Growth in Organic Search Traffic: The focus on SEO tactics led to a notable 15% growth in organic search traffic. More users discovered Seasalt through search engines, increasing the potential customer base.

Overall ROI

Combining the positive outcomes from the website development, social media marketing, and SEO efforts, Seasalt realized a remarkable 40% increase in their overall Return on Investment. This impressive growth not only validated the success of our collaborative approach but also showcased a substantial improvement in Seasalt’s business profitability


The impact of our collaborative efforts was not only visible but measurable, showcasing a transformative effect on Seasalt’s online presence and business metrics